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Topography services
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Who we are and what we offer?

Since the beginning of activity in POPTOPAS Ltd company was focused on providing prompt service and quality customer service with professionalism being our core principle.
We address both individuals and legal entities with a wide range of services such as:
      - Cadastre and registration Deva - Hunedoara for apartments, houses and urban land outside the city
      - Drawing up plans Deva situation - Hunedoara required to obtain various approvals
      - Measurements and calculations to determine the volumes of earthwork, excavation, etc..
      - Dismantling and merging of land in Deva - Hunedoara
      - Technical documentation cadastral Deva - Hunedoara for registration of real rights on buildings
      - Deva situation topographical plans - Hunedoara in analogue and digital
      - Technical advice for getting urbanism certificate or building permit
      - Topographic surveys and construction stakeout, shares, property boundaries Deva - Hunedoara
      - Cadastral documentation Deva - Hunedoara for removing land from agricultural and the forestry

Our team of engineers with specialized training and many years of experience in the fields of topography, cadastre and geodesy Deva - Hunedoara.
We have modern and advanced surveying equipment, IT equipment, software and surveying team of experts, authorized by the Office of Cadastre and Land Registration. Our prices vary depending on the specific work (cadastre, land registration, land location, land surface).
For an evaluation of your work over the phone, please call: 0728 059 896 or contact us through this form.